Earth Constellation Folly

New York, New York

“Earth Constellation” is a folly that responds to the American sense of landscape and loss. It is a reminder of what has been lost at our hands and what can be retained in the future with our attention and care.

Experienced from afar as a whirr of colorful birds, butterflies and fireflies blending into the existing landscape, the steel rod constellation that provides perch, connection and loft becomes an occupiable spatial orb from which to contemplate our place on the Earth, and sense how these creatures make the World and our lives rich and enchanting.

“Earth Constellation” will be built at the provided site primarily of bent steel rod with birds, butterflies, and fireflies fabricated through CNC, fused glass, and paint. Temporary connection to the ground will be made with steel pipe anchored into the earth providing a sleeve to pin the rods that form the Orb.