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Hill Country House

Welfare, Texas The expression of this residence draws from the locally available limestone. Heavy walls of stone set in the old Spanish Mission manner provide

Bear Creek Studio

Bozeman, Montana This small modern guest house is designed to work for many uses, adjacent to the main house, but set off to create its

Yellowstone River House

Park County, Montana Typical of so many rural farm homes in Montana, this house had many additions over its life-time. An original log cabin was

Yellowstone River Cabin

Park County, Montana Publications:Mountain Living, October 2008The New Western Home     Two volumes combine with a “dog-trot” style indoor/outdoor connection to maximize the experience

Bear Canyon House

Bozeman, Montana This 1967 modern house was designed in a Breueresque style, with a split level. The upstairs included all living and two bedrooms that

Clyde Park House

Clyde Park, Montana Publications:Off the Grid The seasonal changes in the northern rockies can be dynamic and extreme making an energy conscious house that also

Wapiti House

Wapiti Valley, Wyoming
Program: Primary living, Gym & Guest house Completed 2007

Residential Architect
Western Interiors and Design

On the Boards, Residential Architect


Park County, Montana Publications:Western Interiors and DesignMountain LivingCasamicaBig Sky JournalThe House You Build A first foray into sustainable design, this house, studio and garage were

Outside-In House

Livingston, Montana Publications:Off the Grid HomesResidential ArchitectWestern Interiors and DesignOutside Magazine This 2200 square foot residence and studio/guesthouse is situated in the low folds of