Flathead Pass

Park County, Montana

Stunning views of the distant Bridger Mountain Range and a small pond in the immediate landscape provide the context for this residence’s situation in the landscape. The house becomes the middle ground of experience for it’s inhabitants placing them in immediate and intimate relation to this wild and dynamic place. A large operable window to the south provides for views of the dramatic mountain range as well as serving as a prime strategy for passive heating and cooling of the house.

The figural and spatial articulation of the house is a direct response to fitting building to land, views beyond, and seasonal transformations. Organization of the parts to the whole not only answers to specific requested living experiences, the buildings entirety is intended to be known over time as a carefully listened to piece of music.

In addition to a vivid sculptural expression, the residence is supported by a 10kw solar array with a geo-thermal heat pump to provide 80% energy off-set over the year.