Outside-In House

Livingston, Montana

Off the Grid Homes
Residential Architect
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This 2200 square foot residence and studio/guesthouse is situated in the low folds of it’s grassland landscape to minimize it’s visual impact in the larger environment, while gaining mesmerizing views of the Absaroka mountains to the East. An over warn cattle feeding ground serves as the house site minimizing additional impact on the sensitive grassland.

The linear configuration of the house provides excellent passive solar intake, several points of access and visual relationship to the outside, bringing the outside-in as much as possible in an environment that has a short warm weather season. Great consideration was given to the use of sustainable construction materials, incorporating locally milled Douglas Fir, reclaimed Redwood, radiant concrete floors, certified Massaranduba, steel and natural plaster walls. A grey water system, combined with multiple rainwater collection points provide irrigation for the immediate landscape to encourage specific, indigenous landscape micro-climates to develop. A 2kw photo-voltaic system provides approximately 80% of the house’s energy requirements.