Birkenstock General Store – Strand

San Antonio, Texas Publications San Antonio Women, 2008 The Birkenstock General Stores, located in San Antonio, Texas are a series of independent retail stores that

Montana Pre-Fab

Park County, Montana This simple pre-fabricated house was conceived to perform with ultimate minimal impact on its landscape. Two volumes provide separation of public from

Clyde Park House

Clyde Park, Montana Publications:Off the Grid The seasonal changes in the northern rockies can be dynamic and extreme making an energy conscious house that also

Flathead Pass

Park County, Montana Stunning views of the distant Bridger Mountain Range and a small pond in the immediate landscape provide the context for this residence’s

Deep Creek

Park County, Montana Publications:Organic Style Awards:Green House of the Year, Organic Style This small open-plan house was specifically designed to respond to its client’s whimsical


Park County, Montana Publications:Western Interiors and DesignMountain LivingCasamicaBig Sky JournalThe House You Build A first foray into sustainable design, this house, studio and garage were

Outside-In House

Livingston, Montana Publications:Off the Grid HomesResidential ArchitectWestern Interiors and DesignOutside Magazine This 2200 square foot residence and studio/guesthouse is situated in the low folds of