Yellowstone River House

Park County, Montana


Typical of so many rural farm homes in Montana, this house had many additions over its life-time. An original log cabin was still in use as the main living space, stacked 2×4 walls that looked like butcher block turned on its side made up the auxiliary rooms for pantry and storage closet.

Due to the flood plane location of this house only so much expense and additional size was permissible through county regulations. The client’s goal was to add a master bedroom suite, and fully renovate the interior.

In an effort to retain the original exterior quality of the house the obvious choice was to “raise the roof” over the later addition of kitchen and bedrooms, while retaining the form and spirit of the main log cabin. The result is a master bedroom loft suite that opens up to the living area below.

The roof was raised and a bank of windows were added to an old chicken coop to create bunk room. The exterior space between was developed into an elevated deck space that has views across the meadow to the Yellowstone River.

A focus on green and reclaimed materials that brings a quality of lightness and environmental responsibility to the project.