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West Texas House

West Texas This low lying house is designed to fit into its limestone based hillside with a long ledge cut into the hill from which

Spring Creek Residence

Livingston, Montana It is necessary to know when to respond with modesty over exuberance, no matter how talented a designer you are. There is a

Birkenstock General Store – Strand

San Antonio, Texas Publications San Antonio Women, 2008 The Birkenstock General Stores, located in San Antonio, Texas are a series of independent retail stores that

Montana Pre-Fab

Park County, Montana This simple pre-fabricated house was conceived to perform with ultimate minimal impact on its landscape. Two volumes provide separation of public from

Earth Constellation Folly

New York, New York “Earth Constellation” is a folly that responds to the American sense of landscape and loss. It is a reminder of what

Hill Country House

Welfare, Texas The expression of this residence draws from the locally available limestone. Heavy walls of stone set in the old Spanish Mission manner provide

Bear Creek Studio

Bozeman, Montana This small modern guest house is designed to work for many uses, adjacent to the main house, but set off to create its