Spring Creek Residence

Livingston, Montana

It is necessary to know when to respond with modesty over exuberance, no matter how talented a designer you are. There is a certain critical effort that must be made to design thoughtfully while at the same time working from a place of restraint. Not all creative answers should be dominate, some should be quiet and simply fit in with what came before. This is the case for the Spring Creek addition.

The existing structure is a dynamic , yet simple, 1970 contemporary house. It’s dynamism is in it’s sweeping roof that is a singular gesture of form. On the rural landscape it’s primary living area is visible as a single sharp pitched shed roof reaching from the ground and extending to the sky. To take away this dynamic and singular move from the primary living volume by way of a bedroom addition would be disrespectful to the hierarchy of architectural expression. The best response is one of support. Of course making the overall building better, but not by making an over-expressive addition. Instead by making a better whole.

The new front entry provides a much needed sense of arrival to the house, and the new board formed concrete garden wall establishes a boundary while bringing perennial planting right up to the front wall.

With the exception of the new entry and redeveloped landscape, the exterior materials and detailing are selected to match existing.